Thursday, 24 May 2018

With Polygraph Tests for £399, LieDetectors LTD is the leading provider of polygraph and lie detection services in the UK. We provide a range of lie detector services tailored to your situation. All examiners (Male and Female) are fully trained and have graduated from an American Polygraph Association school. Owner Jason Hubble APA, NPA, BEPA, is also available across the UK, in our Maidstone office or at a location local to you. Lie Detectors for Individuals, Corporate, and Legal Professionals.

The APA holds members accountable for the validity and reliability of their chosen methods.

  • They have an educational initiative to help practitioners select and properly use valid and reliable methods
  • They have best practice guides for a variety of applications
  • They are committed to conveying the best practices to consumers so they can determine whether they were adequately served

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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Lie Detector Test UK | Polygraph | APA examiner | £399

Lie Detector Test UK

Jason Hubble APA, NPA, BEPA Examiner

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A Polygraph offers credibility assessment for government, legal and personal purposes. A Lie Detector Test system records, stores, and analyzes physiological changes during a polygraph examination.

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